Happy Kalan inside the office

With a unique blend of high energy, inspiration, and extensive experience in business marriages, Kalan Hubbard has established himself as a dynamic public speaker, captivating audiences with his keynote speeches, workshops, and classes. Kalan has that innate ability to make a profound impact on individuals and organizations through his powerful messages drawing from his deep understanding of the complexities of “entrepremarriages”. Kalan believes that business owners live in a unique world and thus have to approach their businesses and marriages in a very unique and purposeful way. He is on a mission to help these individuals build, protect, and grow their marriage and business, all at the same time. Through his engaging storytelling, relatable anecdotes, and infectious enthusiasm, Kalan’s keynote speeches ignite a spark of inspiration for business owners that propels entrepreneurs to take action.

Kalan is married to Jessica Hubbard and together they have one daughter. As a “Triangle Family” they enjoy traveling and spending time in creeks, pools, and oceans. When Kalan is not on the road speaking or spending time with his family, you can find him outside enjoying God’s creation of nature or calling charity auctions as a live auctioneer.